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Spark One-Page Instructions

Spark Instructions Slides - Step by Step


Spark User Information:

Note:  Spark is populated by a data feed from the alumni file which is run periodically. 
The data feed includes all the alumni names, alumni ID (Alumxxxx) and a unique email 
address (there can be no duplicates).  The unique email address is used for the initial 
set-up and for a lost password.  If there is no unique email address, then the individual 
will be set up by a system administrator.
A.    How to Log for the First Time: 
1) Go to: - use the link above
2) Click Forgot Password on Log in screen; Enter personal email address and click 
“Email new password”
3) Within minutes, an email from Benevity should arrive at the address provided – 
click the link provided to set up a new password in Spark. The link will expire in 
24 hours, so go immediately to the site and click “Log in”
     i. If an email is not immediately received, please confirm it was not in the Spam folder
     ii. If an email is not in the Spam folder, please resubmit your personal email 
4) Complete “My Sharing Settings” to determine personal information to be shared 
5) Accept Terms of Use to use Spark
6) Update Your Password – Confirm “Keep my current password” is not checked. 
      Passwords must contain the following:
 At least 2 uppercase characters
 At least 3 digits
 At least one special character (not whitespace or alphanumeric)
 At least 9 characters in length 
7) Click Submit to go directly to Spark Account Information page – enter and 
confirm Password again
8) Click Save at bottom of page 
9) You will not leave the Spark Account Information page, but should see 
confirmation of changes at top
10) Use blue navigation bar to find information in the site
delivered to a Spam folder address
For assistance, please send a message to and you will receive a 
response within 24 hours
B  How to Log into Spark After Setting Up Password (see a, above)
1) Go to
2) On the left side of the screen, enter username in the top field. Your Username is located 
on your mailing label and looks like: AlumXXXX
3) Enter your newly created Password in the bottom field
4) You will enter Spark and land on your Personal Dashboard
5) Use the blue navigation bar to find information in the site
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